Operation Fight Back: Day 11

Today I’m again finding myself with not enough time to blog more than briefly which is a bit of a nuisance given that it’s an important part of my self care routine. That said I am OK, nothing that better sleep, giving me a few more hours in the day, wouldn’t fix just now. Today I am busy again – this is one busy week – but it’s filled with things that are good for me. There are good things next week too but I plan to make that week overall a little less frenetic than this one!

Today’s treadmill stats:

12mins 38 – 0.72 distance and 65.6 cals – I upped the speed of the tread another notch today and I also ran slightly faster overall. I’m especially pleased with that given that I had another rotten night, waking frequently and having horrible nightmares.

Today’s further aims:

  • Out again – this time to run a few errands and go to work at my voluntary post
  • Take out the bins (this job is rather rumbling on and I’m determined to do it today!)
  • Post important letter (it’s finally written and ready to post 🙂 )
  • Make a couple of important phone calls if I can squeeze them in without making myself late for work

Operation Fight Back: Day 10!

A whole 10 days of stable mood, growing hope and confidence. Woo and indeed hoo!

I’m blogging belatedly today and so will be brief. The last two days have been very productive but also very busy. I’ll write more tomorrow. I was out and about yesterday and again today and will be every day this week until Sunday.

For now, treadmill stats for yesterday and today.

10.3.14 = 12mins 23 – 10 min run – 0.67 distance and 62.4 cals

11.3.14 = 12mins 29 – 10 min run – 0.67 distance and 62.3 cals

It’s not the minute mile but by jeebers does it feel good!


Tonight, I hope for better sleep.

Operation Fight Back: Day 8 – Part 1

I had a really good day yesterday. I was productive, active and communicative 🙂 .

I remembered that when I woke late this morning feeling wretched after another disturbed night. I’m going to keep remembering it AND the fact the ‘staying in the moment’ really helps me, as I plough through my morning routine. It’s 10.22am, 135 reps and treadmill here I come!


Operation Fight Back: Day 7

The last 24 hours or so have, I think, been my most challenging since Operation Fight Back began.

I’m still sleeping badly and that’s making things difficult. I’ve woken each day feeling progressively more awful as the week has worn on. I’m tired of nightmares and waking feeling wretched. Despite that I’ve stuck to my O-F-B routine; it feels like a lifeline… an anchor, a tether to the right side of the tracks.

Getting through my exercises yesterday and this morning was hard. I find the treadmill easier than 30 reps of each of four exercises and as many as I can manage of the fifth, only attempted for the first time this week; today I managed 15.

Today’s treadmill stats: 12 mins 32 including 10 minute run = 0.65 distance and 60.5 cals.

I ate badly yesterday, not ‘bad’ stuff just too much. Tiredness leaves me at risk of overeating.

Today’s main further aim is to get out. I need some groceries. I’m also supposed to be meeting someone for coffee later, I’m just waiting for confirmation. I know it will be restorative.

Other aims for the rest of the day: Write an email and a letter (both have been on my list for three days, both are pretty important), clean the bathroom and cook something for dinner.

I have many scribbled notes in my notebook for potential blog posts. I hope soon to make the time to write them.

Operation Fight Back: Day 6

I’m feeling a bit grey and limp but with occasional bright patches, rather like the weather I’m seeing through the windows of my flat. Actually, the weather does seem to be improving as the day goes on; perhaps I’ll follow suit!

I’m tired, that’s the crux of it. I didn’t sleep well or long and I was woken by infernal drilling or some such by builders renovating a neighbouring property. I could’ve cried. The work has now been going on for a year. Mercifully this morning’s racket was short-lived and I’m hoping the rest of the day will be peaceful.

I’m late coming to the blog today and haven’t yet showered (1pm) but I have got through the rest of my morning routine.

Today’s treadmill stats: 12mins 46  = 0.65 distance and 61.7cals including a 10 minute run. I realised this morning that I was running, It may not be the fastest run in the world but it is a run and I don’t have to keep apologising for calling it that. It was a more challenging run this morning because I was so tired, before it I’d had to practically drag myself through my four physio exercises and my stomach crunches. Despite this, I chose this morning to up from 25 to 30 reps of each exercise, while thinking that I must be some sort of sadist … Actually I think my reasoning was if it’s going to be this difficult I may as well make it count as much as I can. It made sense to me at the time 🙂 !

Now to shower and take off the conditioning treatment that’s been sitting on my hair for about two hours.

I did very well with yesterday’s further aims – having a very productive day overall – although I don’t think I blogged about what they were. Given that I’m so tired today and vulnerable because of it, the chief further of aim of today will be to stay on track and stable mood-wise. Anything above and beyond that will be a bonus. I do hope to blog more later.