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I just had to reblog this because it’s such a delightful post. I hope you’ll enjoy it and perhaps also enjoy reading more entries on Dara’s blog.

I confess that I’d be too squeamish to ‘snuggle a snail’ but, to my surprise, I throughly enjoyed reading this post all about them, because the enthusiasm and fascination of this young wildlife-watcher shines through, and is altogether life-affirming. 

30 Days Wild – Day 19 Snuggle a snail!  –

Eating Insoles: a footnote 

You might like to know that those cornflakes were improved by a little sprinkling of sugar! 

I do have a sweet tooth but I don’t add sugar to anything much. I can’t abide it in tea or coffee. I don’t usually add it to cereal of any type, but in this case sugar was a welcome sweetener.