Catch them while you canĀ 

A quick post for film and radio fans.  

I’ve loved World Cinema, foreign films some might say, since I was in my late teens. In my twenties I’d gleefully seek satisfaction in Blockbusters, always finding myself alone in that particular section,  even if the shop was busy! 

I tried without success to co-opt my university boyfriend, a film fan, but the subtitles were a barrier. The next chap, who became my husband, was more amenable. He was also perturbed by subtitles but persevered. Still, it was only ever a sideline for him. In his eyes you couldn’t beat a US blockbuster. 

Then came ‘Scandi Noir’, forerunners like The Killing and The Bridge led the way for an influx of overseas drama to British television screens. I’m delighted of course but can’t help feeling slightly aggrieved that my once niche interest has become mainstream :D. 

I recently came upon two gems amd I really recommend that you watch them. The Lunchbox (2013) is the lighter of the two. I haven’t seen a huge amount of Indian cinema but I’m certainly inspired by this offering; it’s a delight. I’ll say no more than that it’s warm and engaging. Two Days, One Night (2014), from France, is equally engaging and even more moving.Mental illness is a background theme but it’s more about community and pulling together … or not. Both films were shown on BBC4 and are available to watch now on BBC iPlayer.

On BBC iPlayer Radio, I recommend that you seek out Dangerous Visions: Resistance, a drama about the advent of antibiotic resistance by acclaimed Scottish crime writer Val McDermid . I caught the second episode on BBC Radio 4 and loved it. I plan to catch up with the rest of the three episode series this evening.