hsol.jpgThis image from a greetings card is important to me. I think it sums me up pretty well and, because of that, it inspired the name of this web site. I love the trousers too 🙂 . I think they reflect parts of me.

***I chose the black and white theme for this website because I’m here in black and white. Here you’ll find the bare bones, and a bit more, of me and my story. It’s in black and white because it’s a true, a certain and honest account, but it’s not all of me. Reading this web site cannot constitute knowing me inside out. I’m a whole person, a real person … with feelings … and I ask that if you comment here you try to remember that, while you have what’s here in black and white, you may not have the colour that completes the picture. ***

Since writing the above I have changed my WordPress theme from a stark black and white, to one of a softer hue. I like it and feel comfortable with it, so for now it’s here to stay. That said, the sentiment above still holds true.

Read more about my motivations for writing this blog on the Dreams, Goals, Passions … Hope page.