Treadmill Tales: #11

Day #11 should’ve been Saturday but since spoonie issues laid me low enough to be in bed for most of the day, I swapped my rest day and made Sunday Day #11 instead.

I’m up to 10 minutes and a half a mile. Inspired by my little two minute jog on Friday, I jogged for the first three minutes yesterday. In the back of my mind I was wondering whether I should really be doing it, but it felt good. On the treadmill I am on the flat and that seems to have less bearing on my pain levels than walking uphill or on stairs.

Actually, the little bit of light jogging felt REALLY good, because I felt like running again might actually be possible. I was surprised that I was able to sustain a three minute light jog after an extended period of inactivity including a four month period spent housebound and mostly bed bound, but immensely buoyed by it.

Stats: 10mins – first three minutes lightly jogged, walked for the remaining time.
Pace – 3.1mph
Distance – 0.51miles

Today will be another 10 minute session, I’ll start increasing my time by a minute a day again from tomorrow. I’ll begin slowly increasing my pace again from today.

I am really happy to be back on my treadmill.

3 thoughts on “Treadmill Tales: #11

  1. 3.1 mph is considered to be a ‘brisk’ walk, and I try to achieve that figure when I am out with Ollie. So, well done for averaging that figure.
    I wonder if you have any issues with your downstairs neighbour? I once lived below someone with a running machine, and I could hear them pounding away on my ceiling for a long time each day. I tried to tell them about it, but they always refused to answer the door. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • No issues luckily, I checked a while back and they said that they couldn’t hear a thing. I’m not sure the same people are living there now, in fact I think it may be an ‘AirBnB’ let at the moment, I’m not sure. I am usually on my treadmill during the day at any rate, when I’m one of the few people in the building.
      Sorry to be so slow to respond to this comment, I’m just catching up!

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