Treadmill Tales: #9 and #10

Day nine was a write off, as was Day seven as I said in my last tread report. It has been a challenging week on the #spoonie front.

Instead of increasing my session length by one minute each day from Monday, I instead increased by two minutes on Wednesday and again today.

Stats: Nine minutes at 3.1mph – 0.44miles in total. I did a very light jog for the first two minutes, which felt good, and the usual walk for the remaining time. I’ve also had a wee stroll up to the top of my road and back today, as I did on Monday. I hope I don’t pay for it with a painful night, as I seemed to on Monday!


7 thoughts on “Treadmill Tales: #9 and #10

    • Bless you! I wasn’t actually thinking about making up the difference – I did that by moving up by two minutes instead of one – I just had a real urge to do more than walk, and went with it 😊. I stress that it was only a very light jog. You probably walk faster with Ollie 😁.

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    • Thank you!
      My routine’s been a bit messed up in the last week because of my physical health conditions but I’m determined to keep it up. I’m up to 10mins on the treadmill from today, planning to increase my one minute per day in the next week up to 20 minutes then see how I’m doing, hoping I’ll be well enough to get to do 30mins per day. Good luck with yours, you’re doing great and with the weight loss too. xx

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