Word of the Day

I think I’m about to … go kerflooey.

As a writer, I L*O*V*E words and kerflooey is my new favourite. I noticed yesterday that it was the Word of the Day on dictionary.comI immediately thought it a fantastic word for spoonies like me.

Living with chronic illness is a challenge. If you’re anything like me then you get your giggles where you can, in spite of it all. Fatigue is a component of many #spoonie lives. It’s much more than tiredness. The best way that I can describe it is that it’s as though someone has flicked my power switch to off, prompting a sudden and complete shut down in terms of energy.


As I adjusted to life with chronic illness, I came to describe these instances as ‘hitting my wall’. eg. That’s me done, I’ve hit my wall.  It can be frustrating and debilitating to experience, but that’s not to say that we can’t use a fun word to represent it. From now on at these times I will be ‘going kerflooey’.

Kerflooey: adverb, go kerflooey

Informal. to cease functioning, especially suddenly and completely.

How about it #spoonies? Shall we start a #kerflooey hashtag?! 

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