THREE PARTS of my series of posts about friendships should now be here – albeit out of order – PLEASE READ THEM IN ORDER OF PART ONE, PART TWO, THEN PART THREE – FOR THEM TO MAKE SENSE :) !! .

What a palaver.

I write a huge post, one that’s very important to me. I decide to publish it in three parts for ease of reading as it’s so long. In the process of publishing I manage to lose the second part and become very stressed, having already lost sight of the importance of the rudiments of ‘pacing’ to a #spoonie like me, and pushed myself too hard today.

I started writing, I was enjoying it. The piece was going well and I really wanted the satisfaction of completing and publishing it today. I should have realised that wasn’t possible, stopped, and picked it up again another day. Instead I kept on writing … for hours, past plans to knit, plans to read, past dinner time and evening medication. I should have stopped earlier and picked up another day. Instead I pressed on, rushing and tiring, and something went wrong. I’ve had to work on even later in order to rewrite the missing section from memory to the best of ability. I’m so tired now that I’ve lost all sense and capability! But … I’ve realised that each time I think I’ve got ‘pacing’ licked, I go and do something that makes me reailse that I’m still learning. I can still get carried away, especially by my passions, and do something that’s to my detriment and risks relapse. I will learn!



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