Today in tweets.

This evening I decided to set up a account and use some of my tweets to tell you about a key event today.

Unfortunately WordPress no longer support Storify code so I’m unable to embed the story directly into this post, but please click here to read it.


2 thoughts on “Today in tweets.

  1. I read the link, and thought it read well. I have a Twitter account, but really just use it to publicise blog posts. I have never truly bought into Twitter as a medium. However, reading your post, I can now see how it can work, on specific occasions. And it worked well for you today.
    Best wishes, Pete. x


    • I really LOVE Twitter. I’ve been planning a post about the many ways in which it can be useful/helpful/fun – you might like to look out for that. I was really too tired/lazy to write a full post last night. I’ve seen others using Storify and so thought I would let my tweets tell the story of a key event that day that I wanted to relay on my blog. Thanks for reading. Best, hsol x


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