A Letter To Those Who Deal With Mental Health Crises

Mental Illness Talk

Dear Police/Crisis teams/Nurses/Doctors/Healthcare workers,

I understand that many of you see mental health crises on a daily basis and I can understand that you probably become quite numb to the situation. I can imagine that seeing your first patient who is seriously contemplating suicide was probably very emotional and difficult for you but after seeing hundreds of patients who want to take their life you become so used to it that it becomes the same as walking to the shop and buying some milk

I understand that for some of you it is simply just your job and just your way of making ends meet but I also know that many of you are incredibly passionate and caring human beings and you want to help those people in need.

Whilst I know that you may become quite numb to your work, please try to put yourself in the patient’s shoes…

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One thought on “A Letter To Those Who Deal With Mental Health Crises

  1. A good re-blog, and a very compelling article. I dealt with many Mental Health patients during my time in the London Ambulance Service. The one thing I took away from the experience is that it is too easy to address the condition, and not the sufferer. You are taught to do this for Schizophrenia, that for Mania etc, and you soon realise that everyone presents their symptoms differently, and personal circumstances play a part in any treatment. Everyone involved needs better training.
    Sympathy, and following protocols, is never going to be enough.
    Best wishes as always, Pete.

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