Dancing to the tune of the spoon – Part One

N.B. You might like to read this post before reading on here. This was posted out of order due to a WordPress glitch.


I’m a ‘spoonie’. I identify with the way of life described in the Spoon Theory.

It’s an engaging and enlightening piece of writing by writer, speaker and advocate, Christine Miserandino. She coined the Spoon Theory in order to try to explain to her best friend how it feels to live with chronic illness – in Christine’s case, Lupus. Christine also devised the website butyoudontlooksick.com to provide support to people living with chronic illness and to raise awareness of these life-affecting conditions that are often not readily visible from the outside.

In terms of illness, chronic means persistent or constantly recurring; long-standing and incurable.That doesn’t necessarily mean the illness will prove fatal, although with some chronic conditions that’s possible, but that it cannot be cured and will endure. Chronic illnesses are life-affecting and often debilitating. Like people they’re individual and can affect different people in different ways.

I live with seven chronic illnesses and conditions. I’m not greedy – I’d gladly be rid of them all but it seems chronic conditions are social beasts and where one goes, others often follow! My pack affect me in many different ways. Like Christine, I can never forget that I’m a spoonie but must instead learn to live my best life … with spoons.

I’m driven; I believe in grabbing life by the horns. Be sure that when you come to die that’s all you have left to do is a favourite mantra. I find it difficult to slow down, pace myself and hate to have to miss out on things. As Christine says in the Spoon Theory, you can run errands or you can cook dinner. You can do something fun, clean your home or do some chores but you can’t do them all. You have to choose. You have prioritise. You have to accept your limitations. I want to grab every opportunity but life with chronic illness doesn’t quite work that way…

Coming up: My spoonie choices 


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