After a not inconsiderable delay …

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!

And I have a lot to say 🙂 .


***** I was about to try to rewrite this post after WordPress ate it. I was actually doing quite well considering my memory can be dodgy these days and my tiredness – but hallelujah, marvellous beetleypete saved the day having received it as an email subscriber, so I can now cut and paste. If you also subscribe by email you’ll have received it, but clicking through to the site delivers the message ‘Page Not Found’. The post I published soon after appears to have overwritten it – on publishing both times I received the message you’ve published your 31st post. THIS POST SHOULD HAVE APPEARED BEFORE THE POSTS Dancing to the tune of the spoon and Feeling a tad frustrated with WordPress … *****


Last year, as I’ve previously said, was especially difficult. I am still grieving after a sudden and major bereavement three months ago. Before that my marriage had broken down, I’d had to find and move to a new home. I’d faced a barrage of tests as a new chronic condition sprang forth bringing with it concerns of an underlying connective tissue disorder. I was studying, volunteering, continuing excessive efforts to rebuild my life post-abuse and subsequent illness … and more. Too much … I know that now. By November I was on my knees entirely burnt out. Only in January did I really begin to recover myself, having learned many more lessons (by now that’ll be half a dozen books I could write).


I’ve added many more blogs to my WordPress reader in recent months and reading entries is a daily habit for the most part. I’ve longed to write my own but have lack the spoons (see next entry for definition).I’m very happy to be back.

I’d like to share some of my favourite blogs – perhaps they will be new to you, perhaps they will appeal to you. Just three for now – in no particularly order … Arne, amputated – from amputation to first day back at work. I love reading Arne’s words and I’m learning much from his story. I’ll be starting a petition if he stops writing when he goes back to work 😉 . The musings of a Londoner now living in Norfolk – great writing with such warmth, great storytelling and a cornucopia of topics. (I think I found Pete’s blog via Twitter and through Pete I found Arne’s blog) A personal perspective on living with Dissociative Identity Disorder. What can I say about this blog that doesn’t sound trite? It’s brilliant. It’s raw, it’s gutsy, it’s a profound reflection of life as an adult following childhood abuse. The public so rarely see what can and what does happen to many of those children. There are so many potential consequences of abuse, DID is just one. DID Dispatches is honest, courageous, inspiring and full of hope.


2 thoughts on “After a not inconsiderable delay …

  1. Hi,

    I don’t bother with the WP front end these days. I write my posts in Word, as I always have, then paste into Windows Live “Writer” for a final tweak, and publish from there. So far – the better part of a year – no problems. Also I have the first draft saved as a Word doc, and the final version saved in Writer (and everything is backed up to an external HDD), so if anything untoward should happen to a published post it’s easily replaced.

    Worth a try.

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