Return to regular blogging imminent

It’s been SO long since my last post but I am soon to return.  This has been a huge year. Pressed for time doesn’t begin to cover it. In just over 10 months I have:

* ended my marriage
* moved home
* been bereaved
* started a major work project
* continued to deal with chronic illness
* made huge strides on the road to rebuilding my life following trauma and serious illness
* made new friends
* developed my first ever support network
* and much MUCH more

It is such hard work. I’ve fallen over many times … and feared I couldn’t get up again. Still, it IS worth it. I am no longer existing; I am living. As the blog says, I have survived and now I plan to thrive. I’m not there yet but I can see it. 

3 thoughts on “Return to regular blogging imminent

  1. […] Regular readers may remember Operation Fight Back  – my action plan of early 2014 to help me to cope following the breakdown of my marriage and subsequent illness – here’s a sample. I needed to be as well as I could be in order to cope with the impending search for, and move to, a new home, in addition to my continuing efforts to rebuild my life – studying, plans for self employment etc. As it turned out, there was much more with which I was going to have to cope. […]


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