Operation Fight Back: Day 15

To catch up, I last posted stats on Wednesday; I didn’t run on Thursday because I had an early appointment and I didn’t run on Saturday because I was away.

Treadmill stats:

For Friday 14th (because I didn’t have time to post them then), I ran for 8mins rather than the usual 10 because I knew I had a long day ahead, including travel. Pacing is VITAL when you live with chronic health issues.
10mins 30 = 8mins run – 0.57 distance and 52.9cals

and today: 12mins 32 = 10min run = 0.72 distance and 65.5 cals

I’m particularly pleased to have run this morning and got back into the routine. I have chronic physical health problems and had a bad flare up after going to the gig the day before yesterday, so barely slept that night. I was still very much feeling the effects yesterday. I slept reasonably well last night – only waking briefly three or four times – and had a long lie-in this morning … so long in fact that it was midday by the time I’d finished my exercises and run. I cut my exercise reps in half from 30 to 15 to save time and energy this morning. I ran moderately with harder bursts.


3 thoughts on “Operation Fight Back: Day 15

  1. On this day this year, like every year, it was my birthday. I received some nice cards and presents, and we went out for a meal in the evening. I always enjoy my birthday, and make quite a fuss over it. (Even though I was 62!)
    I sent in the application for my bus pass, and looked back on how my life had changed.

    Reading this post, I thought of the contrast between our days on this date, and how lucky I have been not to have suffered from too much during my life. Keep blogging, keep letting it all out, and the writing will help to heal.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Hi Pete, Thanks for your lovely comment. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog posts. If I remember correctly I found your blog quite recently when a tweet from you recommending Arne’s blog was retweeted into my Twitter timeline. I look forward to reading Arne’s posts each day & thank you for that tweet. I am certainly planning to return to regular blogging here soon. If I have my way it will be from tomorrow 🙂 . Thanks again for the message – it’s much appreciated.


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