Operation Fight Back: Day 13

This post comes to you from the first class carriage of a train.  This is my first time in one, at least at home here in the UK. I’m the only woman in a carriage of men in suits. It is rather comfortable in here and peaceful. I’m heading west to see a band I’ve loved for more than twenty years. I am tired but excited. There will be singing!

I am enjoying this. During the days of my depression in January and February, I remember thinking at one point of things that I would like to do if I were in a better place. I love to travel and explore but those passions have been curtailed by illness. I remember thinking that I would love to enjoy a trip by train… and here I am. I wasn’t expecting to be making this journey, it only came about in the last week; I’m very glad that I am.

I can’t log my treadmill stats for today because I don’t have them to hand but will add them in tomorrow.  I didn’t run yesterday because I had an early appointment.

I am really looking forward to having a good amount of writing time on Sunday and Monday. I hope to be able on expand on scribbled ideas and notes that have languished in my notebook or otherwise fermented in a corner of my mind for a week or so.


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