Operation Fight Back: Day 11

Today I’m again finding myself with not enough time to blog more than briefly which is a bit of a nuisance given that it’s an important part of my self care routine. That said I am OK, nothing that better sleep, giving me a few more hours in the day, wouldn’t fix just now. Today I am busy again – this is one busy week – but it’s filled with things that are good for me. There are good things next week too but I plan to make that week overall a little less frenetic than this one!

Today’s treadmill stats:

12mins 38 – 0.72 distance and 65.6 cals – I upped the speed of the tread another notch today and I also ran slightly faster overall. I’m especially pleased with that given that I had another rotten night, waking frequently and having horrible nightmares.

Today’s further aims:

  • Out again – this time to run a few errands and go to work at my voluntary post
  • Take out the bins (this job is rather rumbling on and I’m determined to do it today!)
  • Post important letter (it’s finally written and ready to post 🙂 )
  • Make a couple of important phone calls if I can squeeze them in without making myself late for work

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