Operation Fight Back: Day 5

Day 5 … already?

I ran (gently jogged!) on my treadmill for a whole 10 minutes this morning with a cry of ‘yessss’ upon completion :-D. I upped the speed a little too meaning I went further, faster. Today’s stats: 12mins 37, 0.64 distance and 60.6 cals. I aim to stay with a ten minute daily run for some weeks and will resist the temptation to keep pushing to improve every day. I’d like to be running for 20 minutes every day by the end of this year. That seems like a sensible and healthy goal.

I woke at 9.35am this morning feeling pretty rubbish. I got to sleep quickly last night which is progress but still found myself waking during the night variously due to a night sweat, nightmares and pain. I immediately felt disappointed this morning that I hadn’t got up by 9am this morning as on every other day this week. I determined to put that thought aside, focus on being in the blithering moment and plough on through my morning routine! Loo, medication, dress in exercise gear, clean teeth, ‘wake up the house’ (make bed, open blinds etc), physio exercises and treadmill, breakfast, blog and so on.

I’m off to breakfast and shower now but will blog more later.


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