Operation Fight Back: Day 4

I can’t quite believe that I’ve just completed my fourth consecutive run … well it’s a jog really but run sounds so good :-D.

Today’s treadmill stats:

12mins 39 = 2mins brisk walk, 9mins jog, 1min brisk walk – 0.62 distance and 58.8cals


Reading this headline on my phone this morning I gave an exclamatory “YES”. Reading a comment on a similar article which suggested that no-one is’ trapped’ into domestic abuse but chooses be there was less positive 😦 .

I’ll come back to the headline in a later post.


I had such a LOVELY time yesterday meeting two friends of mine, who hadn’t previously met each other, for coffee. It’s so wonderful to have friendship in my life again; exploring the delights … and the many challenges it presents me, warrants a separate post.

Today’s further aims:

  • Get out again – this time to resume voluntary work
  • Complete an application form
  • Make appt. to see doctor
  • Write and post a thank you note

I didn’t sleep well again last night due to in part to pain but mostly nightmares. I’m pleased I still managed to get up at 9am. I focused on staying in the moment and only the immediate task in hand – go to the loo, take medication, dress in exercise clothing, clean teeth, do physio exercises, drink water, get onto treadmill, blog, breakfast and so on step by step by step. Thinking not that I feel terrible and that I’m worried I won’t be able to get out later or that I’m frightened by ongoing health concerns or whatever. Instead thinking of what I can do/am doing right now and that I am OK in each moment.


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