Operation Fight Back: Day 3

*Posts will appear on here before long with titles other than Operation Fight Back, just so you know. Variety is the spice of life after all 🙂 . *

Today I’m tired, but I’m OK. I’ve begun using a free mood tracking app this week and according to its scale, I’m hovering between OK and OK+ at the moment. Since I started the day at OK-, that’s progress!

I didn’t have a great night of sleep. It was disturbed in part by leg pain and nightmares.

I got up a few minutes after 9am.

Today’s treadmill stats: 10mins 36 – 2mins brisk walk, 5mins jog, 3mins brisk walk = 0.51 distance and 48.9 cals. I would have liked to have done more, at least equaling yesterday’s performance but preferably bettering it. Taking into account physical health problems, today I had to be content with doing something being better than nothing and reminding myself that I don’t always have to be improving.

I have more on my mind and may post more later. For now I need a rest break, so I’ll end with today’s further aims.

I met all of yesterday’s FA, except getting out which will be addressed today. I actually sent four important emails, not just the one I aimed to address, including a job application. Hurrah!

Today’s further aims:

  • A little more cleaning and tidying to keep on top of things
  • Getting out(!) – I’m meeting a friend for coffee at 4pm
  • Make a hair appt.
  • Make important phone call.
  • ‘Pamper mission’





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