Operation Fight Back: Day 2

This morning this made me laugh …

This was under the lid of a   newly opened pot of 'extra firming neck cream.'
This was under the lid of a newly opened pot of ‘extra firming neck cream.’

It’s not the best photograph. I had issues with transferring images from my phone to my laptop this morning. Only after I’d finally managed it did I realise that it wasn’t the clearest of images … I hadn’t time or patience to try again 🙂 .

I was pleased with my treadmill stats this morning – 12mins 47, 10mins jog, 2mins brisk walk, 0.62miles. Not bad for a girl with physical health problems back on the treadmill after two years or thereabouts and after two months spent on the sofa.

Unfortunately I didn’t sleep well last night BUT I was still up by 9am. I did 25 reps of all four of my physiotherapy exercises plus 18 stomach crunches before getting onto the treadmill.  I ate a small bowl of porridge with skimmed milk and a handful of fresh blueberries and two slices of toasting malt loaf with a smidge of soya spread. I drank plenty of water and  a large mug of tea with skimmed.

I achieved three out of five of yesterday’s further aims. I didn’t get around to meditating, although I was frequently mindful, and I didn’t get outside. The latter because I made the mistake of confiding in someone very close to me yesterday about how much I have been struggling and asking for support. They didn’t react well. Although I’ve learned that I am not responsible for others behaviour and that it is not a reflection of my worth; I felt very sad and hurt. I was also physically exhausted and felt wrung out.

I surprised myself by getting through it. I tried calling the Samaritans but I couldn’t speak. I texted a couple of people of trusted people.  I ate carefully and mindfully. I was kind to myself and practised a lot of positive self talk. My mood rose again to a manageable level and held. I went to bed with hope in my heart and a smile for myself.

Today’s further aims:

  • send at least one of three important emails
  • a ‘pamper mission’ – I think this will be doing some art work
  • try to get outside for a brief walk locally
  • a laundry load and a little cleaning and tidying to keep on top of things

This morning was beautifully bright and sunny. It was lovely to wake to so much light after a difficult night. There are clouds about now but I hope the sun will hold its own for a while longer.

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